Heart of God Hermitage


I found completeness when each breath began to silently say the name of God.

~ St. Teresa of Avila

My Soul is a Candle

My soul is a candle
that burned away the veil;
​only the glorious duties of light

I now have.
The sufferings I knew

initiated me into God.

I am a holy confessor for all.
When I see their tears

running across their cheeks

and falling into God's hands,
what can I say to their great sorrow

that I too have known.
The soul is a candle

that will burn away the darkness,

only the glorious duties of love

we will have.
The sufferings I knew

initiated me into God.

Only God's glorious cares

I now have.

​~ St. John of the Cross

Spiritual Direction & Ministry

Listening for God: Hearing with the Ears of the Heart ...


People Seek Spiritual Direction When They ...

  • ​Crave a deeper prayer life

  • Desire deeper connection as a couple
  • Hunger for spiritual growth
  • Yearn for community in a small  group
  • Discern God's call in their life
  • Struggle with their religious beliefs
  • Want to live life from within
  • Are confused about the meaning of life
  • Long for union with God
  • Need spiritual wisdom and healing 

What is Spiritual Direction?

Spiritual direction is the practice of reflecting on our encounter with God in our daily lives. With a skilled director, clients ponder the deeper

meaning of their lives. All human experiences are acknowledged as one

way that God speaks to us.

Therefore, paying close attention to our experiences and sharing them with a competent director is foundational to the process. The cultivation of a contemplative attitude, spiritual reading, meditative journaling, and prayerful awareness enhances the process.

Why Spiritual Direction?

Because of an inner longing, many people from a variety of religious traditions are turning to spiritual directors for assistance to nurture their spiritual lives.  Most people meet monthly or bi-monthly for spiritual direction as individuals, couples, and groups. 

The Exercises can begin at any time...

Extended Ignatian Exercises

Intensive home retreat where (couples, individuals, or groups) meet weekly for six months while practicing daily prayer, scriptural meditation and journaling. $725 total cost or $125 monthly for the retreat

Spiritual Direction

Individual and couples
Group Spiritual Direction (3 or more)

$75 per session
$35 per person