Heart of God Hermitage


Who We Are

Non-profit Organization

Heart of God, Inc. is a registered non-profit organization in the state of Colorado. It is a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization. We warmly welcome all donations. If you have questions or comments, please contact our board of directors. 

  1. Presence of God

    We foster an intimate relationship with God and one another by living in the present moment.

  2. Absence of Criticism

    We avoid all inner and outer criticism; having positive regard for others so as to welcome Christ living in them.

  3. Absence of Complaint
    ​We avoid all inner and outer complaining; opening ourselves to a sense of the marvelous, so as to welcome Christ who is present in all events.

  4. Being of Service
    We desire to increase the awareness of God on earth by being of service to all beings especially the poor, minorities and creation.

  5. Peacemaking
    We apply ourselves in maintaining a peace of heart, implicating ourselves in the cause of establishing a climate of justice, peace, and reconciliation.

Our Mission


To provide quality spiritual care and education.

Our Vision

To create opportunities for spiritual seekers to connect with God, others, and self.


Oh how easy it is to get lost! With our cell phones and iPads, our 24-hour news cycles, there’s virtually nowhere to go for a moment of peace and quiet.


That’s where Heart of God Hermitage comes in. We provide a holy place of respite in the tumult of life. So come, put aside the cares of the world and find yourself in the presence of God.

Many faces, one faith.

We are a circle of friends from diverse backgrounds – bankers, musicians, social workers, teachers, public servants, business owners, parents  – united by our shared faith in a loving God and committed to contemplative living.