Ignatian Spiritual Exercises


Consider six to nine months spiritual exercises retreat

Do you long for God? Do you desire time to reflect on your own spiritual path and the

movement of the spirit in your life? Spiritual Exercises in Everyday life is a 6 to 9 month

retreat based on the spiritual exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola. Ignatius recognized that

not only the intellect but also the emotions and feelings can help us come to a knowledge

of the movement of the spirit in our lives.
Retreatants become better able to discern their inner desires and to see how God is working

in their lives and in the world. Ignatius drew on a number of sources and the Exercises

contain different kinds of prayer. A readiness to pray with Scripture is important. Group

monthly retreats, discussion, individual reflection, and individual spiritual direction are

foundational for this retreat.
We invite you to consider participating in this retreat over a six to nine month period. 

Spiritual Exercises in Everyday life requires a time commitment. We invite you to commit

to one hour of prayer each day for the duration of the retreat, one monthly day retreat,

and bi-weekly spiritual direction.

Who is best suited for this retreat?

This retreat is best suited for those who have or are interested in establishing a gentle structure of regular personal prayer; have experience in sharing their spiritual journey with others; and who are called and committed to deepening personal faith and nurturing a spirituality that transforms society.
The Exercises can begin at any time...

Francis and Friend

Heart of God Hermitage


Peace is the most tangible manifestation of the active presence of the heart being possessed by the one whom we consider a marvelous, attentive, and gracious Creator. We witness to this peace by developing our capacity to love. 

(Fr. Louis Marie Parent)