God, enfold me in the depths of your heart;

and there hold me, refine, purge, and set me on fire.

Pierre Teihard deChardin


Home is Where the Heart is ...


At Home Retreat

Many people express a need for guidance in prayer.  Often the need is described as a

search for meaning in their lives or a desire to deepen their personal relationship with

God.  Few have the opportunity to explore their faith journey in a one-to-one situation

where the focus is entirely on them and their relationship with God.  For some, the 

retreat is a rare opportunity to be affirmed in their natural way of prayer and also to

try different ways to pray. Above all, the retreat is committed to listening to God in

your heart.
Through this retreat, a whole new way of looking at life and a means to maintaining a deeper relationship with God can develop.  The retreat is also focused on listening to the voice of the heart, which is a spiritual activity that can bear fruit in other areas of one's life.  For many, life and relationships become more authentic and integrated through a deeper peace and awareness of God.

What is a Home Retreat?

A home retreat is done at home in the course of everyday life while you meet with a

spiritual director weekly for five weeks.  It is a time of listening to the inner wisdom of

the heart where God longs to speak with us.  We currently provide two different themes

for our At Home Retreats.

  • Thirty Day Scripture Retreat is grounded in the spiritual exercises of
    St. Ignatius of Loyola. This retreat is perfect for someone who longs to grow closer
    to God through praying with scripture, jounaling, and short inspiring reflections
    from spiritual masters.

  • Thirty Day Learning to Meditate Retreat offers basic skills of meditation.  It is a creative, enjoyable, and nonthreatening way to achieve a more satisfying experience of personal prayer and a deeper relationship with God

How Does It Happen?

The retreat is introduced at Heart of God House of Prayer where you will meet privately with a spiritual director.  At this meeting the participant meets their spiritual director and arranges for an hour meeting for the next five weeks.

Retreatants are asked to...
     - Make a commitment to a half hour of prayer daily.
     - Choose a time and place that works best for them to pray.
     - Limit their use of cell phones and computers when possible.
     - Refrain from the unnecessary use of TV.
     - Prepare simple meals and limit social activities.
     - Create a sense of silence in your home when possible.
     - Rediscover what it means to live life from the heart.

Where Is It?

Retreatants and their spiritual director meet at Heart of God House of Prayer in Cascade, Colorado.  However, if you do not live locally, you may make the retreat and meet with your director on skype.

When Is It?

The retreat can be taken at any time.  The beginning and end of the retreat is determined by the participant and the retreat director.  It is important that the participant contact Fr. Timothy as soon as possible to reserve a date.

Who Can Make This Retreat?

The retreat can be done with individuals, couples or groups.  The week is open to all adults who are interested in exploring their personal relationship with God.
Since retreatants are able to continue their daily routine during this retreat, it is an especially helpful format for those who find it difficult to take a weekend or longer to go away for a retreat. 

A new heart I will give you,

and a new spirit I will put within you ...

Eze 36:26

Pay exquisite attention to your own experience for it will tell you everything that you need to know.

Heart of God Hermitage